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LEDU ® Replacement Projection Lenses

High resolution LD projection lenses replace the existing prime lens of a projector. With a wide selection of stock and custom designed long-throw zoom and wide-angle lenses to choose from, we are sure to have a replacement lens solution for your application, screen size or projection distance. LD lenses produce the bright, sharp images you need at a price you can afford.  For assistance in selecting a lens email:2808811@qq.com

View projector models and compatible lenses below.

1*DMD 0.67: 0.6:1 0.8:1 0.7:1 0.55:1 0.65-0.76:1 1.05-1.7:1 1.5-3.0:1
3*LCD 0.76: 0.8:1 0.65:1 1.03-1.7:1
3*LCD 0.63: 0.8:1 0.7:1 0.6:1

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